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Swiss skincare technology and biochemistry are famous worldwide for patented products built on innovation. Consumers want premium ingredients that deliver on what they promise. Whether it is the newest lotion, anti-aging serum or the next great skincare must-have, consumer interest resonates across all age groups and gender.

Mibelle Group AG

The 1960s launched Mibelle AG as a specialist in the personal care category of products. Today the Mibelle Group is a full-service private label manufacturer that serves three business units: Personal Care, Home Care and Nutrition. Mibelle Group Brands is active in the development and management of exclusive brands in the personal care sector. Mibelle Group Biochemistry specializes in R&D of active ingredients for personal care applications. The Mibelle Group is third in the European proprietary brand market and a leader in the Swiss market.

As a specialist in the personal care category, Mibelle Group’s reputation is acknowledged worldwide and is legendary for the use of premium ingredients for its face and body care, and skin care for babies and men. The vast product portfolio is distinguished by the most up-to date scientific formulas.

Mibelle Biochemistry finds inspiration in nature and designs specialty raw materials that provide added value to the personal care industry. Snow Algae Powder, the latest anti-aging advance, won the 2014 European Cosmetics Innovation Prize; PhytoCellTech® has pioneered skin protection through the use of plant stem cells. In terms of innovation, these are equal, if not superior, to the established brands and do precisely what they promise.

Long-term private label success has been attributed to Mibelle Group’s laser focus on the rapidly changing consumer market, and its leadership in creating innovative, responsive teams to collaborate in the development of private label initiatives.

Mibelle Group AG

Available Personal Care Product List:

  • Face Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Natural Care
  • Men's Care
  • Baby & Kids' Care
  • Sun Care
  • Hand & Foot Care
  • Oral Care
  • Mibelle Group Biochemistry
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