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Swiss chocolate is world famous for three very good reasons: heritage, quality and taste. Switzerland is unsurprisingly associated with precision watchmaking and the beauty of the Alps; but the country’s identity remains categorically enrobed in smooth, delectable chocolate.

Chocolat Frey AG

Swiss quality and longevity are the basis of Chocolat Frey AG, which was founded by the Frey brothers. A luxury brand since its inception by celebrated chocolate pioneers more than 125 years ago, the Frey “Made in Switzerland” distinction is authenticity personified. Frey has been under the auspices of the Migros Group since 1950; established in 1887, it is the oldest acquired brand in the private label leader’s portfolio.

Frey’s assortment is broad and includes solid and filled chocolate tablets and bars in an expansive array, from thick milk, dark and white chocolate tablets with more than 30 percent whole roasted almonds or hazelnuts to Chocobloc Mini bars with almond-honey nougat. Delectable Swiss pralines are comprised of exquisite shapes and sumptuous flavors, such as gianduja, mocha, pistachio and almond cream. Truffles are available in champagne, extra-dark or in milk chocolate with hazelnut; custom flavors are obtainable. Wrapped chocolates include classic twist-wrapped truffle balls filled with pure Swiss chocolate and individually wrapped mini chocolates.

Frey is also the only Swiss firm offering premium sugar-free and dental gum.

Frey has been built on a foundation of dedicated chocolate specialists; innovative manufacturing methods and diligence in sourcing only the highest quality sustainably harvested cocoa beans. The manufacturer has supported the UTZ certified fair trade program for sustainable farming since 2006 and proudly carries the certification.

Chocolat Frey AG

Available Chocolate Product List:

  • Tablets (100g plus)
  • Confections (Less than 100g)
  • Minis (5g to 35g)
  • Pralines/Boxed Chocolates
  • Truffle Balls
  • Snacks
  • Novelties/Seasonal
  • UTZ/Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • High Cocoa Solids
  • Commercial/Ingredients
  • Request More Chocolate Information

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