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The specialty coffee market is packed with a plethora of beans. Competitiveness relies on distinctiveness, paired with quality and product origin. These measures are exactly why skilled Swiss coffee roasters and the commitment to harvest only sustainable beans are critical factors of differentiation.

Delica AG

Renowned as one of Switzerland’s largest coffee roasters, Delica AG annually processes nearly 11,600 tons of green coffee and refines up to 100 tons daily. Upwards of 6,500 tons of unprocessed coffee is stored in the company’s silo plant, which is the largest in Switzerland. With its three process-controlled coffee roasting plants for different roasts, Delica supplies 25 million sales units of coffee to retailers around the world.

A part of the Migros Group since 1954, the brand’s quality portfolio starts with the caliber of the bean; more than 20 select roasted coffees are available in whole and ground portion-sized pods and capsules. Delica offers two patented capsule brewing systems, Delizio for Switzerland and Cremesso, a closed-loop system for the international markets. The Cremesso capsule brewing system is a Red Dot Design Award winner for its form, energy savings and modern portioning system. In 2012 Delica introduced Café Royal to launch a capsule compatible with the market leader.

Sourcing and procuring coffee beans worldwide directly from the country of origin, the roaster has supported the UTZ Certified fair trade program for sustainable farming since 2006. The Swiss roasting process is long and slow, bringing out all the nuances and flavor in each coffee bean.

Delica controls the product from beginning to end, which translates to providing retail private label solutions from the bean to on-shelf packaging and collateral materials.

Delica AG

Available Coffee Product List:

  • Whole Beans
  • Ground
  • Decaf
  • Instant
  • Pods/Capsules
  • Capsules Brewing System
  • UTZ/Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • Commercial/Ingredients
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