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1925This iconic private label store brands leader is also the largest Swiss supermarket retailer.


1928Cited as No. 1 at retail in Switzerland for cookies and ice cream.


1931Touted for specializing in regional breads, offering long-shelf-life pastries and cookies.


1934Part of the Mibelle Group, Mifa AG is Europe’s largest producer of private label laundry and dishwasher detergents.


1945BINA offers a diversified portfolio, including jams, soups, sauces, rösti and other convenience products.

Chocolat Frey

1950Established in 1887, Chocolat Frey is the No. 1 Swiss brand at retail with chocolate bars, pralines and truffles.


1954This large Swiss coffee roaster offers over 20 select coffees in a variety of configurations, plus coffee machines.


1955Estavayer Lait SA is the dairy specialist for milk, milk drinks, cream, yogurt, quark, cream cheese and desserts.

La Riseria

1957Switzerland’s largest rice processor offers a range of products including rice specialties and flour.


1958High-quality charcuterie, dried and fresh meat specialties, poultry and fish are part of Micarna’s innovative portfolio.


1958Switzerland’s market leader for mineral waters also offers carbonated soft drinks under license and syrups.

Mibelle Group

1960The 1960s launched Mibelle AG as a specialist in the personal care and beauty categories.


1964Switzerland’s dairy and cheese category leader offers classics and cavern specialties from artisan cheesemakers.

Mifroma France

1993This export arm of Mifroma serves as a European center for fresh dairy, cheese packaging and distribution.


2002Part of Saviva AG, Scana is the leading Swiss wholesale supplier for food, beverages and other catering needs.


2004Mérat SA provides fresh meat, poultry and seafood to the catering and hospitality industries.


2008Dörig Käsehandel AG is Mifroma’s storing and maturing site for Appenzeller, Switzerland’s semi-hard washed-rind cheese.


2009This BINA subsidiary produces convenience foods, including chilled ready-meals, soups and pasta.

M-Industry USA

2009The North American U.S. headquarters of the industrial and international sales and marketing arm of the Migros Industries.

M-Industry CDN

2009The North American Canadian headquarters of the industrial and international sales and marketing arm of the Migros Industries.

Hallam Beauty

2010Under the Mibelle Group, this British firm is a private label cosmetics producer and formulator of personal care.

Favorit Geflügel

2010A part of Micarna SA, Favorit Geflügel AG provides a range of retail and wholesale poultry products.


2011Expert sourcing and brand management of high quality specialty Italian food products from select Italian producers for the private label store brands market.

MIforma USA

2011This export arm of MIFROMA serves as the US distributor of premium Swiss cheeses.

Cash+Carry Angehrn

2012Cash+Carry Angehrn is part of Saviva AG, a foodservice wholesaler offering fresh produce, food and non-food products.


2013This is the largest Swiss producer of Bündner Bergkäse mountain-cheeses, including Savogniner, Bündner and Heidi-Alpen.


2013The merger of Cash+Carry Angehrn and Scana joined two wholesale specialists for foodservice and hospitality.

M-Industry Japan

2013Tokyo headquarters for the Japanese division of the industrial and international sales and marketing arm of the Migros Industries.


2014Founded in 1956, North American-based SweetWorks produces chocolate and chewing gum, and co-manufactures for confectionary companies.

M-Industry China

2015Headquarters for the Chinese division of the industrial and international sales and marketing arm of the Migros Industries.

Industry Trailblazer

A global leader as a private label brand producer, M-Industry’s customer-driven legacy dates back to 1925 when Migros Group founder, Gottlieb Duttweiler, proactively propelled the industry forward with important economic and social consequences that forever changed how consumers shop and perceive brands. His determination and smart leadership paid off, enabling Mirgros to meet unprecedented challenges. To start, Duttweiler boldly challenged the brands. This proved to be an essential kicking-off point to confidently surpass the competition with value pricing. Manufacturer and factory acquisitions followed. The burgeoning company’s private label strategy was the ultimate growth driver and game changer.

The rest is ... history. The Migros Group has effectively maximized operations at home and abroad while catering to consumer tastes. Migros is recognized as Switzerland’s largest supermarket retailer and holds top-ranking status for grocery and non-food goods, manufacturing and global exports under the auspices of its division, M-Industry. The firm’s comprehensive range of private label Swiss food specialties and personal care and household consumer goods are the enduring legacy of Swiss tradition and lifestyle.

21st Century Vision

M-Industry has taken its heritage-rich founding principles and put them to work, prompting international expansion through export strategies, manufacturing and technology, and product innovation within a proven business engine.

The impressive multi-faceted division of the Migros Group has ventured beyond Switzerland in pursuit of building its mounting private label presence. M-Industry’s reach now extends to the United States and Canada as well as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria and Japan. The grocery and non-food store brand pacesetter has gained a foothold with worldwide initiatives that resonate, while continuing to maintain a heritage of outstanding quality, tradition and originality.

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